Many games 'teach' LGBT culture and history, but only Rainbow Quest! provides laugh-out-loud,  learn-out-loud opportunities to welcome anybody to become part of the fun. While educating and challenging players with important LGBT history trivia questions, Rainbow Quest! fosters social skill development through personal reflections, group discussions, and playfully guessing the idea being drawn or pantomimed.  It encourages and expands comfort zones, but the opportunity to either pass on your turn or partner with other players to form teams leaves gentle ways for even the most shy person to stay 'in the game' and SUCCEED!  


To Begin:  The 'who goes first' decision, as in most board games, is comparable in value to a 'leaderless group discussion' exercise -- where a good listener and observer will learn a little about each player -- how competitive, decisive, or collaborative they are.  With those clues in place, "Someone" will go first --  and the adventure begins.

 Each player starts on the first space -- The Closet. They tell a coming out story, then selects their pawn, and rolls the 16-sided die. They then move advance that number of spaces from The Closet, where they will be positioned for the challenge they will complete on their next turn. (No worries -- coming out stories may be your own or that of someone you know, and remember that people 'come out' all the time about different things (not liking the ocean, becoming vegan, hating to drive, etc.)

  • Each color of the rainbow presents a different challenge or consequence for you. You may refer to the enclosed ‘quick start guide’ for a summary of the color-coded challenges!
  • For everyone's second turn, they'll be on a colored space, (unless they land in the closet again). The first card behind each colored divider is used as the challenge prompt.  Beginners are allowed to select a second (or third) card if needed, and those cards are returned to the back of that section.  When they succeed at the challenge, they roll the die again, and move ahead the number of indicated spaces to be positioned for their next (3rd) challenge.  If they don’t succeed, they remain on that space and on their next turn try they try that challenge again.  As other players take their turns, some will may advance to a different challenge when they will move ahead one space for matching other players answers for the Red, Yellow, or Blue challenges.
  • Any player may reserve the right to pass on their turn by moving back three spaces and attempting that challenge on their next turn.   (The Beginners rules allow players to reject up to the first three cards, but if they reject the 4th, they must skip their turn and place those cards at the back of that section.

 Here’s what happens when you land on each color:

 “Rainbow’ -- When you land on the rainbow space, you get to choose your favorite challenge!

Red: Freehand!  Pick the first card behind the Red divider (don’t let the other players see what is written).  On a pad or chalkboard draw what is written on the card! Set the 90-second timer when drawing begins!  If a player identifies what you draw in the 90 seconds you get to roll the die and move forward to your next challenge. The player who identifies your drawing moves ahead one space.  If no player guesses correctly, remain where you are, and try the challenge again on your next turn after selecting the first card behind the divider.  Replace used cards to the back of the RED section at the end of your turn.

Orange: You Can Quote Me!  When you land on an orange space, another player takes the first card behind the orange divider and reads the quote to you. Decide which of the two celebrities actually spoke those words. The correct answer is marked with a triangle.   Get it correct, roll the die and move ahead and to your next turn’s challenge. Guess wrong and stay where you are to try another orange card on your next turn!

Yellow: You’ve Got Talent! Take the first yellow card from behind the divider and don’t reveal it to anyone.  Set the 90 second timer, then act out the prompt (as in charades) until someone correctly guesses the phrase you are trying to convey. (Refer to the “You’ve Got Talent” hint card if needed.) The person who guess correctly advances one space and you get to roll the die and move to your next turns’ challenge. If nobody guesses correctly, try the challenge again with a new card on your next turn.

Green: Just Between Us!  Pick the first card behind the green divider and respond to the prompt by sharing something about yourself. There is no right or wrong answer.  Share as much or as little as is comfortable! Roll the dice and move to your next turns’ challenge.

Blue: Crystal Ball!  Pick the first blue card and read it out loud.  Write your answer down on your pad and start the timer. Players have 90 seconds to discuss and predict your answer, recording their own predictions on their pads.  Each player who guessed correctly moves ahead one space and you roll the die and advance to your next challenge. If no one guesses correctly, you remain and try again on your next turn.

Pink: UnPinkable! Select the first pink card after the pink divider, read it aloud, and move as indicated. These scenarios represent the "unpinkable" predicaments we all encounter along our individual quests! Some are delightful surprises; others are opportunities to learn. Remember to place any used cards in the back of their color section.

Purple: Did ‘Ya Know That?  When you land on purple, another player who is comfortable reading aloud selects the first purple card behind the purple divider and reads it to you.  Correctly answer a multiple choice question about LGBT history or culture and roll the die to move ahead to your next turn’s challenge.  If you answer incorrectly, try again with a new card on your next turn.  (Replace used cards at the back of the purple section!)

The Closet. When you land in the closet, share a coming out experience of your own or another person’s. Remember, coming out is an ongoing process -- not a one-time event, so you may have many stories to tell.  We also come out about many things -- being vegan, eating ice cream for breakfast, etc. Roll the die to see where your Rainbow Quest takes you next!

Winning the Quest!  When a player reaches the Rainbow Heart they must accept the challenge the other players select.  Note: Just Between Us (Green) and Unpinkable (Pink) are not options – they are way too easy!  You will either succeed and win, or roll the die and move back the number shown. Play proceeds as usual until a player lands on the heart and conquers the Rainbow Quest!

Of course, if time is limited the player closest to the Rainbow Heart is declared the winner!

Note: These are guidelines, not rules.  Alter them as needed to make the game comfortable and fun for all who play.  Be as competitive as you wish – or not! It’s about the journey, not the destination!  Rainbow Quest! © TM should be suitable for most players ages 11 and up, but use your discretion to pass over or adjust any prompt considered too difficult or adult-oriented-- and enjoy the Rainbow Quest!





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With Rainbow Quest!, it really DOES get better!

As we reassure LGBT youth, 'it gets better,' we now have a real tangible tool to ensure that it really DOES get better!  Every time you play Rainbow Quest!, you educate and elevate yourself and your community at the same time. 

When you play this madcap game, review and learn about contemporary milestones in LGBT pop culture and history and even build interpersonal skills and relationships

  • Roll the dice to land on one of the nine rainbow spaces and follow the instructions on the color-coordinated card you pull from the box. 
  1. 1. Will you have to draw a picture?

  1. 2. Communicate through pantomime?
  • 3. Answer a trivia question?
  • 4. Invite the other players to guess how you'll respond in a hypothetical situation?
  • 5. Disclose something about yourself to others?
  • 6. Identify the source of an LGBT quote?
  • 7. Advance or retreat along the board when your fate lands you in an 'Un-Pink-Able' situation?!
  • 8. Land in the closet and share a coming out story to get out!
  • 9. Land on the 'rainbow' and you get to choose your challenge!


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