The simple, clean, and colorful game board is color coded!  If you land on Red, you have to draw a picture, Free Hand, of some LGBT concept and have other players guess what it is.  On Orange, another player reads a statement to you and offers two choices. Choose the correct source of the quote and get to roll the dice, but get it wrong and you have to try another 'Orange' 'You Can Quote Me" statements. Yellow squares require that you pantomime the concept on the card until another player correctly guesses what you're trying to convey, as in 'charades' and if 'You've Got Talent,' you'll do just fine. (Don't worry, if you don't have talent, don't worry -- you'll learn from the other players!  Green squares challenge you to share a personal reflection, memory, or opinion with the other players -- there are no right or wrong answers, and that is 'Just between us.'  Land on Blue, and other players tap their inner 'Crystal Ball' to make a prediction about how you will answer a question about a hypothetical situation. Pink throws you into the world of those pesky 'unpinkable' situations that push and pull us through life.  Either move forward a few spaces or back a few, depending on the scenario described on the card.  The Purple spaces land you on the 'Didja Know That?' and tests your knowledge of LGBT history and culture. 

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With Rainbow Quest!, it really DOES get better!

As we reassure LGBT youth, 'it gets better,' we now have a real tangible tool to ensure that it really DOES get better!  Every time you play Rainbow Quest!, you educate and elevate yourself and your community at the same time. 

When you play this madcap game, review and learn about contemporary milestones in LGBT pop culture and history and even build interpersonal skills and relationships

  • Roll the dice to land on one of the nine rainbow spaces and follow the instructions on the color-coordinated card you pull from the box. 
  1. 1. Will you have to draw a picture?

  1. 2. Communicate through pantomime?
  • 3. Answer a trivia question?
  • 4. Invite the other players to guess how you'll respond in a hypothetical situation?
  • 5. Disclose something about yourself to others?
  • 6. Identify the source of an LGBT quote?
  • 7. Advance or retreat along the board when your fate lands you in an 'Un-Pink-Able' situation?!
  • 8. Land in the closet and share a coming out story to get out!
  • 9. Land on the 'rainbow' and you get to choose your challenge!


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