Rainbow Quest!

Is the fabulous new board game that's like having your very own instant LGBT Pride event in a box! It's the journey of a lifetime!

Rainbow Quest! was developed by Brian J. Kaufman, Ph.D. and his husband Martin F. Swinger. Brian is a psychologist with over 40 years experience teaching undergraduates and working with LGBTQ organizations focused on social support for youth and adults. Martin is a nationally acclaimed arts educator who uses music and language arts to help K-12 students and their teachers master content knowledge across the curriculum. 

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As you play this madcap game, review and learn about contemporary milestones in LGBT pop culture and history and even build interpersonal skills and relationships

  • Ever feel 'left out?'  Relax -- By your second roll of the dice you'll feel at home with 'old friends' you've only just met!
  • Not good at 'joining in?'  No problem, you'll have a place -- and a voice -- at this table!

    Roll the dice to land on one of the rainbow spaces and follow the instructions on the color-coordinated card you pull from the box. 

    Will you have to draw a picture?  Communicate through 'charades?'  Answer a trivia question?'  Have the other players predict how you'd respond in a hypothetical situation?  Disclose something about yourself to others? Or will you land back 'in the closet' and lose a turn?

    Designed for up to eight players (more if using teams), the game moves along with an infectious positive energy that lifts spirits, educates, and brings players closer together. 

    Developed by Brian Kaufman, a Ph.D. in psychology with over 40 years of experience working with LGBT community and support groups, including nationally recognized and respected GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) and SAGE (Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders).  Appropriate for ages. 11 and up, activities encountered within the game promote increased sharing and self-reflection. Game rules are flexible to accommodate time constraints and player skill levels, so playing is challenging but non-threatening.

    With many small groups struggling to create programming and challenged by stable but small memberships, Rainbow Quest! is a convenient 'instant LGBT pride event in a box' -- ready to engage anywhere from two to a dozen players in a madcap exploration of LGBT history and culture. 

    Common challenges of welcoming newcomers include not knowing 'how' to welcome new members, and there are bound to be new attendees who are painfully shy.  Unfortunately, many group organizers find themselves overwhelmed with their leadership duties and may easily forget to properly welcome new individuals. Some newcomers at a gathering may not be used to 'having a voice' after experiencing years of bullying or mocking for being different, and their natural defenses may make joining in difficult.  All of these concerns have been considered and addressed through various elements of the game, so things can run smoothly with minimal awkwardness.

    Enter Rainbow Quest!  The game facilitates a high level of participation through many diverse activities, meaning that some players will find some of the challenges difficult while finding they have strengths in others.  This results in a 'level playing field' where any existing 'attitudes' or other common group dysfunctions are no match for the fast-paced, madcap  'LOL' experience provided by Rainbow Quest!

    Red: Free Hand!  Pick the first card behind the Red divider and don’t let the other players see what is written on it. Use a pad or chalkboard to DRAW what is printed on the card! If any players correctly identify what you drew, you get to roll the dice and move forward, and the player(s) who guesses correctly can move ahead one space. Return your card to the back of each colored section.

    Orange: You Can Quote Me!  When you land on an orange space, another player reads a famous quote to you, and then you have to decide which of the two choices given actually spoke those words. Get it correct and roll the dice to move ahead, and on your next turn do the indicated task. Get it wrong, and try another orange card again when it is your next turn!

    Yellow: You’ve Got Talent! Take the first yellow card and don’t reveal it to anyone, then using the basics of pantomime, act out the prompt (as in charades) until someone correctly guesses the phrase(s) you are trying to convey. Those who guess correctly advance one space, and you get to roll the dice to see where your next challenge lies. If nobody guesses correctly, you remain there until someone does guess correctly on your next attempt.

    Green: Just Between Us!  Pick the first green card, and share something about yourself as indicated by the prompt, then roll the dice and move forward as indicated. There are no right or wrong answers for “Just Between Us!” Enjoy!

    Blue: You Think You Know Me! Pick the first blue card and read it aloud.  Write down your answer. The other players must try to make a prediction about how you will answer, and must write down their answers individually after allowing for some discussion. If your answer is matched, roll the dice and move forward. Each player who guesses correctly also moves ahead one space. If no player(s) guess correctly, remain on the blue space and try another when it is your next turn.

    Pink: Unpinkable! Select the first pink card, read it aloud, and either move ahead or go back the indicated number of spaces. These represent the predictable yet ‘unpinkable’ predicaments we all encounter on our individual quests!

    Purple: Did You Know That? Another player selects the first card behind the purple divider, and reads the question aloud, followed by the multiple choices where the correct one is indicated by a pink triangle. If the challenged player answers the question correctly they will get to roll again on their next turn, if not, they accept the challenge on whatever space they are on when it is their turn again.

    The Closet: When you land in the closet you lose a turn, just as people may lose opportunities when they are ‘in the closet.’ Remember, ‘coming out’ is an ongoing process, not a ‘one-time thing.’ After skipping a turn, select a pink card.  Move the indicated number of spaces, then proceed to follow the instructions for the space you land on!



     Player’s Choice! Landing here lets you choose which color-coded challenge to select for your turn.



    Winning the Quest: When you land on the better, Rainbow World, the other players deliberate to select choose which color-coded challenge you must successfully attempt. (Note: The Rainbow Choice and Pride cards may not be used once you have landed on the rainbow heart!) If you succeed, you win! If you do not, you must go back the number shown on the dice.  On your next turn, try again to land in the better rainbow world!