Rainbow Quest!


The elegant simplicity of the game makes it ideal for beginners and experienced gamers alike.  All players move from the bleak world 'Toward a Better World for Everyone,' which happen to be a brightly colored rainbow world!   The colors you land on along your journey dictate the type of challenge you will complete before you roll again on your next turn.  There's luck in the roll, but skill and strategy determine the outcome of each turn. Someone will reach the Better World first, but all are winners along the colorful rainbow pathway!

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Everything you Need is Inside the Box

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Box includes the game board, approximately 500 challenge cards (including some blanks for you to create your own!), How to Play, 'quick start' guide, handy tips for charades , 8 game pawns, two 6-sided dice, a 90-second timer, 8 pencils, 8 notepads, and one pencil sharpener, and one drawstring pouch for containing the accessories.

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