Richard Gerrits, creator and producer of CBS TV game show Celebrity Name Game (above), and the board game Identity Crisis:

 "Congrats on putting together Rainbow Quest!  As I said in my notes to Kevin Jennings (GLSEN founder and former Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools at the U.S. Department of Education) it's evident that many years of research and planning went into it and I applaud your dedication to this concept.

Rainbow Quest! will educate younger (and older!) people about LGBTQ history, movies, music, icons, and heroes, and will empower boys, girls, men, women, and anyone regardless of their label to embrace their sexuality in a positive manner... I'm sure you'll have no problem promoting and selling this game to your target market. I wish you all the best."

Mark Fairman, Executive Director, Out and Allied Youth Theatre, Waterville, ME:
     * How fun and educational the game is! Rainbow Quest! creates an environment where players feel comfortable and safe enough to share.
     * You can see how comfortable the group is with each other, and how comfortable they are being themselves when with the group.

Shanee Stepakoff, Ph.D.; Clinical Psychologist & Adjunct Professor, California Institute of Integral Studies (San Francisco):
As a licensed clinical psychologist with extensive experience working with adults and adolescents, in my practice in NYC as well as various positions in educational and healthcare settings, I am convinced that a game like Rainbow Quest! would be a valuable resource to recommend to my LGBTQ clients and their families, as well as to my professional colleagues.

Rainbow Quest! is thoroughly researched and expansive, comprising hundreds of years of LGBTQ culture, history, and milestones that are so important in fostering a healthy LGBTQ identity, and in promoting attitudes of appreciation for LGBTQ populations, but which have remained hidden from history.

Other LGBTQ games are well-intentioned but consist only of trivia, and they just aren't fun.  Attempting and failing to answer trivia questions on every turn can be tedious and frustrating. Rainbow Quest! solves that problem by presenting a variety of 'whole-brain' activities keeping it lively, engaging, and fun. Players may have to do a charade to communicate "Stonewall," draw a picture of "lesbian moms," share recollections of a first date or tell a coming out story. The level of deep, honest, and meaningful dialogue is unmatched by any other game or diversity training tool. It is gratifying to see the transformation as players quickly develop a level of comfort in discussing topics of importance to them in ways they have not experienced previously.

Support groups can scratch the surface of contemporary LGBTQ-related concerns, but Rainbow Quest! stimulates richer, deeper consideration of the obstacles and accomplishments of the LGBTQ community. No matter who 'technically' wins the game, all players emerge having shared and been listened to in ways that foster compassion, empathy, confidence, and community.  Players thinking they know all there is to know about the LGBTQ community are humbled to realize how much they've yet to learn, and even the most socially awkward players find their voice and validation within the span of just a few rolls of the die.

Rainbow Quest! is a fun, transformational and uniquely powerful and effective game.

While Rainbow Quest! is great fun to play with friends, I give my highest recommendation for the inclusion of Rainbow Quest! in educational and therapeutic settings, in community centers, in GLBTQ organizations, in GLBTQ-affirmative religious institutions, and among a broad range of individuals and families.  The opportunity to become more aware and more sensitive, while also having fun and building deeper connections within and across communities, is unparalleled.

Michael Walters, Dame Edna Impersonator, Ft Lauderdale, FL:
 "Best of luck with the game.  It is indeed a very worthwhile project. I am from   Orlando, and believe a game like this could help deter violence and hatred against our community."

Zoe Lewis, Entertainer, Provincetown, MA:
Wow, and people say that I'm high energy!  This game is tremendous! So fun, informative and empowering! Rainbow Quest is a great game for all ages. I learned so much LGBTQ history in a short time of playing this. An important and educational game for all kinds of people to play

   Martin Swinger, Kerrville Folk Festival Songrwriting Workshop leader, and nationally recognized singer, songwriter, arts educator, and entertainer, Augusta, ME:

  "I was amazed to find this circle or relative strangers at the conference negotiating their own game rules, encouraging each other with each roll of the dice, singing song snippets (in harmony!!), sharing radical moments of their past, and becoming fast friends in one short hour of the game.  The bonding of new buddies was palpable!"

Jeffrey Cohen, workshop presenter of "Recovering From Internalized Homophobia", William Way Community Center, Philadelphia, PA: "This is an Outstanding Achievement!"

1. The design and presentation top notch including the concept: from the closet to the heart…darkness to light… just magnificent!
2. The introduction letter, the rules, the writing moved me personally because the intention of why you brought this to life was clear.
3. The fact that you have nailed the LGBT journey and your intention to save lives makes this stranger's heart swell with gay pride.
Best of luck to you guys and god bless on bringing your vision to life."

  Rich Couch, Project Coordinator, Maine Health Equity Alliance:

  "Rainbow Quest! is the most fun I have had in a very long time!  What a wonderful creation.  I have shared the link to Rainbow Quest! with our youth program coordinator. What a wonderful game! I have real concerns that the amount of time we spend communicating electronically will have long term negative effects on our health and the ability of future generations to communicate in person.  There is something to be said for breaking bread together and sitting in the same room together!"

Dr. Brian Kaufman, Former Co-chair, GLSEN Southern Maine:

"Every GSTA and LGBTQ social support group should have this as a resource to provide a quick ‘out of the box’ activity that is socially engaging, highly interactive, effortlessly educational, and satisfyingly fun.

Dr. John B., Podiatrist, and gymnastics trainer, Chicago, IL:

 "I'm as gay as it gets, but this game really kept me on my toes!


 David K., Broadway, NYC, Theatre Manager:

  "I work on Broadway and see theatre all the time.  It was so refreshing to be together with other gay men playing a game where we all had so much fun and sometimes got fabulously theatrical -- but without a trace of 'gay drama.''

Josh. J., High School English Teacher and Uber Driver,  Asbury Park, NJ. 

"This game is 'uber' fun!"

Sean S, High School freshman, Oceanside, NY:

 "I thought I'd rather lock myself in my room than play a gay game with my two Dads, but whoooa!  Playing Rainbow Quest! with them was better than reality TV!"

Abbagail H., college Freshman, Farmington, ME:

"I went to a few of the Gay-Straight Alliance meetings and they just weren't very much fun, and people seemed really shy -- but when we got to play Rainbow Quest! it was the most fun we ever had together. I can't believe how much I already knew about LGBTQ history, and how much more I learned, too!"

Jeff. R., Chiropractor, Ocean Grove, NJ :

"If you need your spine adjusted, see me.  If you need your attitude adjusted, play Rainbow Quest!"

  Allen S.,  Event Planner Merrick, NY: 

 "Finally, a board game with an LGBTQ theme that my husband and I can play with our 13-year-old and his friends!"

Dr. Howard S., History Professor, Medford, MA:

"This is a historic breakthrough in fun and educational LGBTQ games -- no horrid stereotypes, no salacious content, and plenty of substantial content spanning ancient to pop culture."

  Duane M., Registered Nurse, Boothbay Harbor, ME

 "So much laughter and so much fun.  A definite immune-system booster!"

Lee N., D.D.S., Roslyn, NY:

"You'll want to brush and floss before you play this game because you'll be smiling 'til it hurts!"

Freddy F., Greenwich, NY, Gay Men's Retreat Program Director:

"I thought I knew the guys at the gay men's retreat pretty well, but I don't think I ever felt quite this comfortable with them until we played a round of Rainbow Quest! together."

Steve R., SAGE Maine member, Bangor, ME:

"I came out pretty late in life so most of this is new to me, but I learned so much and had such a great time in the process!"

   Dan W., Singer and Vocal Coach, Temple, ME:

  "It's nice to see a well-thought-out LGBTQ board game that includes so much culture and history, but my favorite part is when the other players have to either act out or draw things for us to guess.  I also like that sometimes you don't have to do anything other than share a personal story to move ahead in the game."

Terry B., Realtor and City Councilor, Gardiner ME:

"Instantly increases the value of any home in the gayborhood!"

  J. Julian Christopher, Ph.D., Author, and Professor of Theater, NYC:

  "If you like to play right, play Rainbow Quest!  You can trust me, I really am a playwright!"

Aloysius Q., Claims Adjuster, Brick, NJ:

"As a Log Cabin Republican I'm often 'closeted' about my political allegiance around other gay people, so I was hesitant to try what I thought might be 'just another LGBT celebration of liberal ideology.'  To my surprised delight, Rainbow Quest! was tons of non-partisan fun, and it didn't tax me. Well done, Rainbow  Quest!"